Apostille Marriage Certificate

Apostille of Marriage Certificate
FAQ discussing apostille of marriage certificate vs notarization

How do I complete an “apostille of marriage certificate?”

The fist question many of our clients have, is why certain countries require an apostille, when a marriage license or marriage certificate obviously looks genuine?

Or, when it’s a copy, why can’t a notarized marriage certificate be enough?

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Let’s take a brief look into the issue of this “apostille marriage certificate New York” and why it’s necessary to have an apostille.
One of the most common email subject lines we receive from clients is: “apostille marriage certificate New York.”

Then the question arises, with regard to apostille vs notary services for marriage certificates, as to why a notary apostille stamp is even required.

It is important to remember that other countries have no real access to verify that the New York document authentication notary is valid, or whether the pre-apostille notarization stamp was administered correctly.

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The only entity that can verify whether a Westchester County notary is valid and in “good standing” in the clerk in the county that commissioned the notary.

The apostille process then verifies that the Court Clerks approval of the original document was also valid.

This 3 step process ensures that the final document faced a fair amount of scrutiny before is was able to reach the destination country.

At Corporate Apostille, your entire marriage certificate apostille nyc process is completed through the apostilleapply.com network.

Your marriage certificate apostille begins here in our Harrison, NY location and includes every detail required for the complete Hague Convention apostille process for $149.

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This fee even includes shipping your completed apostille marriage certificate back to you from the New York Department of State in Albany.

There are faster options available, even next day apostille of your marriage certificate. For a full listing of apostille processing times vs cost, please visit apostilleapply.com.

There are absolutely no hidden costs, fees or surprises.

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By Amanda Reese

Apostille application liaison at Corporate Apostilles of New York.