Apostille for Birth Certificate New York in 2023

Apostille for New York Birth Certificate
Why Apostille a New York Birth Certificate

You received a passport rejection from the embassy – bad enough – included is a response they requiring a “Birth Certificate with Apostille” required.

Procuring a birth certificate with apostille New York is simple with Corporate Apostille. Even if you only have a copy, we can handle the apostille process as fast as 24 hours.

We often receive requests for a birth certificate with apostille stamp. This isn’t an accurate description of the actual document you’ll need. When we complete your apostille filing, the entire document will be “the apostille”.

At Corporate Apostille we have a turn-key program on how to get apostille birth certificate.

Our Westchester County notary can navigate the maze to apostille a birth certificate. The procedure can many times be as simple as uploading a copy of your New York birth certificate.

Our automated system on apostilleapply.com takes all the guesswork out of the apostille birth certificate process.
If time isn’t an issue, at only $149, it can make the process quick, inexpensive and stress free.

The sooner you start the process the quicker we can have your apostille with birth certificate, completed and in your hands.

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