Apostille for Birth Certificate New York in 2023

Why Apostille a New York Birth Certificate

You received a passport rejection from the embassy – bad enough – included is a response they requiring a “Birth Certificate with Apostille” required. Procuring a birth certificate with apostille New York is simple with Corporate Apostille. Even if you only have a copy, we can handle the apostille process as fast as 24 hours.… Continue reading Apostille for Birth Certificate New York in 2023

Apostille Marriage Certificate

FAQ discussing apostille of marriage certificate vs notarization

How do I complete an “apostille of marriage certificate?” The fist question many of our clients have, is why certain countries require an apostille, when a marriage license or marriage certificate obviously looks genuine? Or, when it’s a copy, why can’t a notarized marriage certificate be enough? Reach out with a no-obligation quote here Let’s… Continue reading Apostille Marriage Certificate

Apostille Services Near Me

Apostille Services Near Me

Apostille Service Near Me… Really? The search term “Apostille Services Near Me” is one of the most common searches for a consumer trying to find an apostille company to authenticate their documents. For some industries, using a company that makes believe they’re “near you” might be ok, but apostille authentications are not one of them.… Continue reading Apostille Services Near Me

How to get Apostille – Updates Consumer Action Guide for 2023

How is an apostille application started in Westchester - Amanda Reese

How to get apostille and where do I begin? – they’re the most popular questions we hear when the phone rings. “How and where do we even begin”? We understand the process is confusing as most of our clients have never even heard the words “apostille” or “Hague Convention” before they called. The apostille process… Continue reading How to get Apostille – Updates Consumer Action Guide for 2023

Free Apostille Quote

Ready to begin your apostille application here in Westchester for only $149?

apostilleapply.com All our $149 single document apostille filings include everything! All notarizations, certification with the County Clerk and FedEx to the NYS Department of State. Expedited filings are available for 10 days, 5 days and 24 hours. No other apostille service companies can match our speed and efficiency. With expedited services your documents never leave… Continue reading Free Apostille Quote