How to get Apostille – Updates Consumer Action Guide for 2023

Amanda Reese discusses new applications
How is an apostille application started in Westchester - Amanda Reese

How to get apostille and where do I begin? – they’re the most popular questions we hear when the phone rings. “How and where do we even begin”? We understand the process is confusing as most of our clients have never even heard the words “apostille” or “Hague Convention” before they called.

The apostille process guarantees the international community that the notary authenticating your documents, in this case our expediter Harry Otto, is in “good standing” with both the Westchester County Clerk and the New York State Department of State.

This assurance means we’ll need to not only notarize and authenticate your documents, we’ll need to bring them to the County Clerk in White Plains as well as get them processed through the Department of State in Albany. This process can either take a few weeks or, sometimes we’re able to get this done the same day.

If the documents involve, for example, a power of attorney or corporate resolution documents, you can upload them to our secure server at and we can begin the process without you even coming to our offices. However, if we’ll be authenticating your actual birth or marriage certificate, also known as exemplified documents, we’ll need to have these documents in our hands.

There’s never any obligation for reaching out to us. We’ve assisted 100’s of callers in processing their own apostille filings! But you need to reach out to us. Please take a moment to either use our online application form at or email me. I live the apostille application business and will reply to you 7 days a week!

Amanda Reese